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Program founders

About Nicolas and Marie-Soleil


I joined the 3MG team in February 2020 to occupy a remote administrative support position, while somehow combining my role as caregiver to my mother, who was suffering from cancer. of the lung. Following his death, I decided to take another direction in my life by going to work for a theater company in Sherbrooke. Being a trained actress, I needed to reconnect with my art. 

I was led to work on a project that linked social intervention through theater, and it was an approach that greatly contributed to fueling my thinking about possible ways to help others. Back in the metropolitan region and at the same time at 3MG, I wanted to take an active part in this mutual aid project. I also work at the same time on the Longueuil campus of the University of Sherbrooke as a patient partner in the training of nursing and medical students, where I am required to share my experience as a caregiver. , among other things.

Nicolas :

It is often said about me that I remember a lot from my mother, which obviously makes me the biggest velvet. She was a woman who was so generous with her time and her person, in addition to having a definitely well-developed business sense! It’s something we shared, and it was a valuable help to us in the early years of developing our catering service. She had a real desire to help her neighbors, and I humbly consider myself to have inherited this quality. Being married to an exemplary woman myself, and the father of two beautiful little girls, I know that I would be relieved to be able to benefit from this type of help in such a situation. I don't necessarily have the same experience as Marie-Soleil with caregivers since it happened very quickly between my mother's diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, her entry into palliative care at the hospital and the day of her death. What I can say, however, is that we experienced this big shock in the middle of December, during our busiest time of the year. We wanted to close up shop temporarily to allow ourselves to be completely available for her, but she never let us! She encouraged us, or should I even say she forced us (!) to continue, and she was excited about each new order until the very end. She was and always will be the soul of our catering service, that’s unequivocal.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to offer quality time to the people who use our services, precisely by allowing them to concentrate on something other than cooking and everything related to it. I believe that this new program is a very good continuation of this motivation, especially in such circumstances. We have the resources, we can help, it would be a shame not to.

Having both lost our beloved mothers to cancer, it goes without saying that our shared experience pushed us to think about setting up this program. 

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