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Family Assistance Program

The idea of ​​supporting a cause and/or a group of people by implementing an aid program within our company has been around for a while. 

The formula was still subject to internal reflection and therefore took a little time to take shape. 

At the 3 Maîtres Gourmands, we like to say that we think in the same way that we cook, that is to say, by taking the time to do it well. 

Starting with the development of the recipe, to the selection of the right foods, to the careful execution of each step, we are ready to serve you this very distinct novelty! 

We are therefore very proud to reveal to you our assistance program for families living with a member suffering from cancer.  

Our late Claude Cassanne, the one we consider to be the soul of the 3 Maîtres Gourmands, late partner of Henri and proud mother of Jonathan, Nicolas and their sister Mélissa, was our inspiration. 

Died of pancreatic cancer in December 2019, we are convinced that our gourmet mother continues to assist us “from a distance” in the expansion of our company and its mission. Claude was a woman of great inner wealth who loved to share and help her neighbors, and this is why we decided to direct the essence of the program in this direction. 

We are aware of the major issues surrounding illness within a household. This is why it seems obvious to us to suggest lightening a little bit of the mental load that can be linked to meals, in such a context.

So here is what we will be offering through this program: 

3 months of ready-to-eat meals at 50% off for 3 separate families.

A unique promotional code will be sent to you, and you can apply it to all your Prêt à Manger meal orders for 3 months.

If you or a member of your family immediate has cancer, you are automatically eligible to send us your application. We therefore invite you to fill out the form below, and to write to us in a few lines the context you are currently facing. 

Each application will be carefully evaluated by Nicolas and Marie-Soleil, and the selected families will be contacted following the final decision. If your family was not selected during the first round, we will obviously keep your application for the following term. 

We want to help as many people as possible, which is why we will choose 3 families every 3 months, for a total of 12 families helped per year. 


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