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Claude Cassanne (1955 – 2019)

It seemed necessary and appropriate to us to pay tribute to the one we consider to be the soul of the 3 Maîtres Gourmands, that is to say our late Claude, late partner of Henri and proud mother of Jonathan, Nicolas and their sister Mélissa . 

Born in Morocco and of French origin, our dear Claude immigrated to Canada with his parents and three sisters at the young age of one year. You will suspect that its origins will have greatly contributed to our culinary inspirations. 

We had already told you about “Café Crème” during the presentation of Maître Henri, this famous French bistro which had already been established in Montreal…Claude had contributed a lot to helping his parents and his partner make this dream a reality ! If we know that Maître Nicolas has a well-developed business sense, we can easily imagine that the apple did not fall far from the tree! 

Her experience and expertise greatly contributed to the success of the 3 Maîtres Gourmands business since she was not stingy with her time and energy. It was actually his idea to name the company like that! She gave a helping hand in all aspects: whether in the kitchen, for deliveries, customer service and even in accounting. Nothing was up to his test! In addition to everything else, she was the pastry chef for almost 4 years. It is to her that we owe our fabulous desserts on our menu since they were her recipes. We have also carefully preserved them in order to continue to honor her talents as a pastry chef in the best possible way. 

Claude left us much too early at the age of 64, on December 13, 2019. We can say without hesitation that it is thanks to her that we are still in business today. She gave us the strength and courage to continue. During her lifetime, she never missed a chance to show us the pride she felt towards us and our work. A family business has its share of challenges and you can imagine that it is not always easy to stay the course. Claude was, in a way, the captain of the ship. She generously offered us all the necessary qualities required for us to persevere in our mission. 

She was an extremely cheerful, joking and very caring woman, to name just a few of her countless qualities. She was willing to do anything to keep her family together and ensure the success of the business. 

Thank you for everything, dear Claude. Forever in our hearts.

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