High Quality Prepared Meals Delivered in Montreal

Prepared Meals Delivered

In Montreal

Gourmet Meals Delivered in Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas

Looking for Delicious Prepared Meals Delivered in Montreal straight to Your Door Step? Les 3 Maitres Gourmand is Here to Help

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The Best Prepared Meal Delivery in Montreal, Quebec

Montreal has always been known as a haven for food lovers. A combination of beautiful sceneries, rustic old buildings, and a diverse populous that loves to dine out has created an ideal city for restaurants to flourish. As so, it is almost a guarantee that you can find any genre of food, at the up most highest quality. However, there has always been a limited amount of options for prepared meals delivered in Montreal, for those who would like this quality of food at home. Les 3 Maitres Gourmands has made it their vision to provide this 5 star restaurant quality at home without the hefty price tag.

Our Service is the Perfect Fit for Working Professionals In Montreal

Many working professionals in Montreal live busy lives, where they don’t have the time to cook, but also are not always in the mood to dine out. This can be a problem, especially when the professional enjoys high quality 5 star food. That’s where Les 3 Maitres Gourmand comes in. We can provide these working professionals with high quality, gourmet food right to their doorstep.

We offer a personalized service to all our customers

Les 3 Maitres Gourmands accommodates to the clients needs. Unlike other services that provide prepared meals delivered in Montreal, Les 3 Maitres Gourmand prides itself on personalized service. Nicolas Hairabedian, owner of Les 3 Maitres Gourmand states “We feel that it’s important to get to know our clients, in order to provide the best service possible. That is why after a new client places their first order, we will call the customer for a follow up. This allows us to provide a unique service, whether it be accommodating their schedule, or special preferences such as gluten free options or modifications to our dishes”.

Owner Nicolas Hairabedian, Answers your Home Food Delivery FAQs

Q: What Types of prepared meals delivered are offered?
A: We offer meals that will please the whole family and all tastes. It is a diversified and high quality menu which includes stews, roasts, lasagna, vegetarian dishes, grilled meats and much more.
Q: What makes your prepared meal delivery service different then other Montreal delivery services?
A:  Our delivery service is different because we offer a very flexible delivery schedule. We deliver on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-7pm. This allows us to accommodate any type of busy schedule.
Q: How quickly can I expect my food to be delivered after I have placed my order?
A: Clients can expect their food within 24h.
Q: Are there any areas in Montreal that you do not serve?
A: We serve all areas in Montreal. If someone in Montreal wants to eat our dishes, we will deliver to them.
Q: Is the food delivered hot?
A: The food comes hot only upon request. Our meals normally come frozen, so it stays fresh. You simply pop the dish in the microwave or oven. We serve hot meals when clients have parties, meetings or other types of venues where food will be eaten within the next hour.

See what Montreal clients had to say about Les 3 Maitres Gourmands, then take a look at our MENU and decide for yourself

Nice way to spoil yourself or spoil someone you love!!!

Manon Latulippe

I tried the roasted salmon with green beans and méditarranéen pilaf rice prepared by Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands, a true delight!

Agathe Tupula

Great food, thank you Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands!!!

Anoma Rodrigo

Delicious food and amazing service! FIVE stars

Anthony Nakhle

Really delicious food! Everyone who is too lazy to cook and wants a delicious meal should give it a try! Cheaper than take out and so much better

Sergio Nikoronov

Excellent service and the food is exquisite! Long life for Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands!

Melanie Bernier

Yum!!! I look forward to every Thursday. Delish and innovative meals! Must try 🙂

Katherine Dee

Wow, the flavors in the roasted veggies! My daughter ravished the vegetable lasagna! Actually my dad & both me & my husband all had some & we all concur!! The seasoning is absolutely perfect & really high quality!

Gabrielle Roy

The meals are very good. We tasted the roasted pork with green beans, ratatouille and taboulé and it was delicious and very fresh.

Solange Fresneau

It is a delight, I recommend it hands down. Pure pleasure for our taste buds. It’s almost sinful to do without!!

Cynthia Cormier

Everything was really but really delicious! The “coq au vin” was my favorite. It is having the joy of eating like at the restaurant, but at home. It was very tasty! This also greatly facilitates my schedule by allowing me to eat healthy. I cannot wait to taste the other items on the menu.

Rachel Tupula

The lunches were really good and delicious….My coworkers actually told me it was the tastiest lunch they had catered for a meeting!

Chrisoula Patoucheas