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Are you looking for a meal delivery service that offers quality meals delivered to your doorstep? If so, your search ends here because you found Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands! We offer a meal delivery service in Montreal and Laval that is of a 5 star quality!


Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands is a catering service for Montreal and Laval that also offers a high quality meal delivery service. Our ultimate goal is to help families, senior citizens and young professionals in Montreal and Laval by giving them a break away from the kitchen.With meals delivered to your home or picked up directly from our kitchen, Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands will be there to help you save time and energy so you can focus on what matters most to you.

    We started this meal delivery service for Montreal and Laval residents because we understand how evenings and weekends can be very difficult with the children, housework and other chores, so we want to give you some well deserved time off. Try Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands and fall in love with our delicious, healthy, fresh and homemade recipes. Have one task less to do during the week and spend your energy on what really matters by trying our meal delivery service.

Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands are always ready to do what is necessary to please our customers. Unlike other meal delivery services in Montreal, Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands are proud to always offer a personalized service. Nicolas Hairabedian, co-owner of Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands thinks “in order to provide the best service possible, it is important to get to know our customers. That’s why, after a new customer places his meal delivery order, we will always do a follow up with the customer. This allows us to provide a unique service, either by accommodating the client’s schedule or by modifying our recipes to satisfy our customers with allergies or intolerances.”

Group Catering


In terms of our catering services in Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas, you will find that it suits and caters to any event. Whether it’s for a party, birthday, baby shower, office meeting, 5 à 7 and even a brunch, we have what you need. We offer 5 delicious buffet menus, 3 diner cocktail menus, 2 continental breakfast menus and 2 lunchbox menus that will satisfy the whole family, your friends and even the office.


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Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands is a catering service that offers healthy, affordable, fresh and home-cooked meals delivered all over Montreal and Laval. With an Egyptian father of Armenian origin and a Moroccan mother of French origin, our multicultural family has always been passionate about travelling and cooking.

Having visited every corner of the world, we brought back with us recipes that will please all tastes. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy our meal delivery service experience all the different spices and exotic flavours that we have discovered over the years.

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Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery

for anyone in Montreal & Laval

Meal Delivery Service for Montreal and Laval Areas

Looking for the best meal delivery service in Montreal and Laval? Look no further then Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands. We provide 5 star quality foods to your doorstep. Our company has been in the meal delivery service since 2015, and since then we have gathered a loyal and happy clientele base. We pride ourselves on delivering high-end foods. The reason why we put such an emphasis on the quality of our food is because we know that this is what sets us apart from other food delivery services. We know that our clients want healthy, delicious, high-end quality food at home, without the hassle of doing groceries, cooking and the cleaning afterwards.

Furthermore, Montreal has always been known as a paradise for food fanatics. A combination of beautiful scenery, old rustic buildings and a diverse population who enjoys eating out has created an ideal city for the development and prosperity of restaurants in Montreal. With that being said, it is almost guaranteed to find any type of food with the the highest quality. However, there has always been a limited amount of options for meal delivery services in Montreal and Laval. Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands have identified this problem and decided to provide catering services, comparable to 5 star restaurants, directly at your doorstep. All this without costing an arm.

A delicious meal delivery menu is important but it is also very important to understand our customers. We know how your schedules can be over booked. Whether it’s working from 9am to 5pm, taking care of children or just having time for yourself. All these occupations can make the task of cooking even more demanding. Where to find the time to prepare a healthy and quality meal? Jonathan Hairabedian, chef and co-owner of Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands identified this problem and was surprised to find that there were not many healthy and high quality options available when he wanted to get a good meal delivered his home. “The only options I found were essentially pizza or fast food delivery” Jonathan remembers. “It could be a fun option from time to time but I wanted a healthy and high quality meal and I could not find a meal delivery service in Montreal or Laval that offered this option.” Jonathan, with his father Henri and his brother Nicolas, decided that they could fill this void in the food industry and provide the people of Montreal and Laval with a gourmet catering service, at an affordable price, in the comfort of their own home.

Healthy Meal delivery: The Perfect Fit for Fitness Driven Individuals

We have many clients that train often, and find our meals the perfect solution for their dietary needs. The reason for this is because our meals are healthy & fits the nutritional requirements of most fitness driven individuals. The meals are low in fat, low in sodium and oils. We also use a generous amount of fresh herbs and healthy spices to get our flavours. Not to mention, people who train, and live busy lives need prepped meals for the week, so our service is the perfect fit. You focus on the training; we will focus on the cooking. So get fit, and eat delicious meals, where do I sign up!?

Meal Delivery for the Elderly

Another area that fits well for our service is providing a meal delivery service for the elderly. We have many clients who order food to be delivered to their elderly parents. This allows our clients to provide 5 star quality meals for their parents when they don’t have the time to pick up groceries or cook for them. Our meals are perfect for the elderly because ouf chef uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients to help our clients remain healthy. It’s a win, win for both the clients and their parents. Now that’s a well raised kid!

Whatever your needs may be, whether it is a busy schedule, fitness goals, providing for your loved ones, or just a desire for good food, you can count on Les 3 Maitres Gourmands. We are here to provide solutions to all of your gourmet meal delivery needs!


Guide for Ordering Prepared Meals

Guide for your 1st order

of Prepared Meals

Step 1: Consult our gourmet menu. A picture as well as all the ingredients accompanies each meal in the menu.

Step 2: Choose your healthy and delicious meals by selecting the desired quantities. Choose either 2pers or 16oz and 4pers or 32oz. All very generous portions!

Step 3: Once your meal prep order is complete, click the “Place my order” button on the top right of your screen.

Step 4: Fill out the necessary information: name, phone number, email address, comments etc

Step 5: Someone in our team will communicate with you within the next 12h to confirm all the details of the order.

Step 6: Your order will be delivered at the desired address, date and time.

Step 7: Enjoy the best prepared meals in your life!



Nice way to spoil yourself or spoil someone you love!!!

Manon Latulippe

I tried the roasted salmon with green beans and méditarranéen pilaf rice prepared by Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands, a true delight!

Agathe Tupula

Great food, thank you Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands!!!

Anoma Rodrigo

Delicious food and amazing service! FIVE stars

Anthony Nakhle

Really delicious food! Everyone who is too lazy to cook and wants a delicious meal should give it a try! Cheaper than take out and so much better

Sergio Nikoronov

Excellent service and the food is exquisite! Long life for Les 3 Maîtres Gourmands!

Melanie Bernier

Yum!!! I look forward to every Thursday. Delish and innovative meals! Must try 🙂

Katherine Dee

Wow, the flavors in the roasted veggies! My daughter ravished the vegetable lasagna! Actually my dad & both me & my husband all had some & we all concur!! The seasoning is absolutely perfect & really high quality!

Gabrielle Roy

The meals are very good. We tasted the roasted pork with green beans, ratatouille and taboulé and it was delicious and very fresh.

Solange Fresneau

It is a delight, I recommend it hands down. Pure pleasure for our taste buds. It’s almost sinful to do without!!

Cynthia Cormier

Everything was really but really delicious! The “coq au vin” was my favorite. It is having the joy of eating like at the restaurant, but at home. It was very tasty! This also greatly facilitates my schedule by allowing me to eat healthy. I cannot wait to taste the other items on the menu.

Rachel Tupula

The lunches were really good and delicious….My coworkers actually told me it was the tastiest lunch they had catered for a meeting!

Chrisoula Patoucheas